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PROJECT INVESTMENT ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT - City Highrise Complex Development Option

The aim of this project is to introduce participants to concepts of Financial Feasibility Modelling and the use of spreadsheets for feasibility exercises.

Assume that you have been appointed as a financial consultant by an investment company to carry out a financial feasibility study for the proposed Office Development Complex Project.

Prepare a report with your recommendations to the Director of the Investment Company to justify the financial viability of this proposed development.


Part "A"

1. Calculate total cost of the Development at 1st July 2018 value.

2. Preparing a development plan (including the sale of the apartments) by assuming that demolition; land development and design and construction will start on 1st October 2018.

3. Prepare a cash flow schedule starting on 1st July 2018.

4. Estimate the net income on completion of project, 1st July 2021

5. Calculate:

- Total development cost

- Project finance cost

- Cost escalation.

6. Calculate the initial project development yield on completion of the project.

Part "B" - Assuming the entire facility will be sold to John Wiley Pty Ltd. on completion (2021) at a price that will be 5% yield to John Wiley Pty Ltd. on the first year of ownership 2021. Calculate for John Wiley Pty Ltd.

1. The Price at which John Wiley Pty Ltd. will purchase the entire facility.

2. The original developer's profit/loss.

3. Generate an Annual Net Cash Flow for John Wiley Pty Ltd. for 10 years.

4. Net Present Value of the John Wiley Pty Ltd.'s cash flow using 9% discount rate (Base year 2021).

5. Assuming John Wiley Pty Ltd. sell the Facility for $900 million at the end of 10th year of ownership (year 2031), calculate the Net Present Value of sale. (Base year 2021). Discount rate is 9%

6. Calculate the Profit & IRR John Wiley Pty Ltd. will make at 2021 value.

Part "C" - Assess the impact of changing the debt: equity ratio to 80: 20 and 50: 50.

Part "D" - 1. List all possible risks which may have an influence on this development proposal

2. Identify three (3) key risk areas that need further evaluation from the above list.

3. Carry out sensitivity/risk analysis on the above three key areas which may have greater concern on the project development.

Part "E" - List all assumptions at the front of your report.


  • Cover
  • Checklist
  • Letter to the Managing Director
  • List of Contents
  • Executive Summary - Outline range of Recommendations
  • Brief outline of the project
  • List of Assumptions
  • Methodology
  • Spreadsheet Computations & Graphs/Charts.
  • Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Discussion and Recommendations
  • References.
  • Electronic files Submission - Saved in a USB with file names
  • Any other relevant information.
  • Copy of the assignment brief.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

Reference no: EM132136358

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The final report due date is Week 10 – hand your assignment to your facilitator at the beginning of the class. After the submission you will be called for an interview to discuss your findings. This interview will be held within two weeks of your report submission. It is your responsibility to organise a time for an interview. If you fail to attend the interview, then the report will not be assessed and no marks will be given for this assignment.


10/9/2018 10:39:09 PM

Submissions must be in a professional report format with clear subsections including an executive summary, table of contents, introduction, discussion, conclusion etc. All tables and figures must be accompanied by appropriate text (tables and figures which are not discussed within the text will not be assessed). Use appropriate cover sheet. Duly signed by all team members. Refer the Assignment Checklist before submission. The final report due date is Week 10 – hand your assignment to your lecturer at the beginning of the class.

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