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Stuck on this part of my bio lab. I'm not even sure where to start on this. 

  1. Yellow (Y) vs. Blue (y)
  2. Green (G) vs. Red (g).

Part 3: Dihybrid Cross

  1. Randomly (without looking) remove two beads from of Beaker 1 and two beads from Beaker 2. These four beads represent the genotype of Individual #1. Record this information in Table 3
  2. Repeat Step 1 to obtain the genotype of Individual #2. Record the phenotypes of both individuals in Table 3.

Table 3: Parent Genotypes: Dihybrid Crosses


Genotype of Individual 1

Genotype of Individual 2
















  1. Determine what the possible genotypes might be if each individual produced gametes. Record these possible genotypes in Table 4.
  2. Predict the ratio of possible genotypes which could be produced by a cross between Individual #1 and Individual #2? Record your predictions in Table 4.Hint: Think back to the example the dihybrid cross in the Introduction. Record your prediction in Table 2.
  3. Set up a Punnett square and determine the genotypes and phenotypes for this cross.
  4. Repeat Step 5 four additional times (for a total of five subsequent generations).

Table 4: Generation Data Produced by Dihybrid Crosses


Possible Offspring Genotypes

Possible Offspring Phenotypes

Genotype Ratio

Phenotype Ratio






















Reference no: EM13887448

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