Potential of theory in managerial decision making

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Organisation: Behaviour, Structure, Processes


Word Limit: 1,800 - 2,000 words (excluding references)

1) Assessment Details

This task is designed to develop your ability to: contribute fruitfully to a group task; assess an organisational issue or problem as objectively as possible; appreciate the potential of theory in managerial decision making and problem solving; apply theory to ‘real life'; take managerial responsibility by designing a practical course of action.

Task description:

In groups of no more than 5 (five) students you are to identify a problem situation (only one problem) in an organisation you have access to (preferably an organisation where at least one group member works or has worked recently). Do not focus on a problem that has already been solved.

A presentation covering the following points should be prepared:

- Provide a brief introduction to the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).
- Describe the problem, as much as possible in terms of the observable or measurable symptoms it manifests, for example: low levels of motivation; high employee turnover; deterioration of service quality; increased customer complaints; dysfunctional groups; loss of profit; negative/ unhelpful organisational culture etc.
- The issue/problem should then be considered and analysed in terms of concepts/ models/ theories drawn from any two topics studied as part of this subject. Try to choose the topics that seem to offer the most useful insights into the problem. Do not try to deal with many models or concepts. Topics outside course coverage must not be selected.
- Design an intervention (a change program or set of activities and procedures) utilising some aspect or aspects of your analysis. The intervention should be intended to solve or improve the situation. Please note you are not merely being asked for a list of recommendations.

Choose only one company (The company must be Australian Company)you must choose one live problemgive two solutions

1. The structure of this report will include the following:
1) Table of content
2) Summary
3) Introduction
4) Discussion (the problems and reasons.)
5) Solution
6) Recommendation
7) Conclusion
8) Reference list.

2. All of information must be Australian sources

3. Choose only one branch of the whole Coles supermarket and then choose only one real /live/ issue. (For example: Coles Broadway, Coles Bondi Junction... etc.).

4. Real issue must be based on employee activity, employee attitude, employee performance and employee service... etc.
On the other hand, you choose real issue that is relevant to Organizational behavior environment. (For example: annual report decrease, customer complain increase, customer service decrease)

5. Use the diagram, picture and chart etc.

6. Problem detail in discussion.

7. Choose two solutions. Solutions must be real and must take real evidence. You choose real solution that is relevant to our course topic. Two solutions must be based on two topics. You can see course description like week 2-12 topics.

8. Recommendation: Don't be write generally like the use of new technology ...rebranding.... etc.

9. All information will be real evidence and good source as well.

10. Other sources must be academic journals on the Library's databases and popular and official web.

11. Word limit: 1800 - 2000 words (excluding references)

12. Academic writing style

13. APA reference style

Verified Expert

The work is in 2000 words in APA format in MS word where the focus has been on the organization that has been in Australia. the major discussion has been about how there have been porblme in the organization like the lower motivation level among the employees etc., which is causing a depletion of the company efforts. also there are problems which are discussed with the changing time that cause the less progress.

Reference no: EM131212507

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