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The choices are Louis XIV, the Sun King, who ruled France most extravagantly, and John Milton, the blind poet known for his works dictated to his daughters, including the epics, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.

Post an initial reply about your choice, giving several reasons for your selection. Support your choice with facts from the text, or a website. Provide the link to the website with your reply.

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Reference no: EM13854330

What do you think the cats bowl symbolizes

The Blue Bowl By Jane Kenyon - Like primitives we buried the with his bowl. Bare-handed we scraped sand and gravel back into the hole.- What do you think the cat's bowl symbol

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What changes are needed in the family and why? Why are these changes so difficult? What role(s) do family myths, rituals, and rites of passage (or lack thereof) play in the

Write a refelection paper on-a question of fairness

Governor Riley made this comment: "In my New Testament it says there are three things we should do: Love God, love each other, and take care of the least among us." Does U.S


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