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Questions: Read CASE and Answer any 4 of the following 6 questions.

1. Luo (2001, 2004) suggests 4 possible relationships between business and government. Use this model to discuss the relationship between Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Government.

2, The airline industry provides a clear example that the nation-state is still more powerful that Multinational Corporations. Discuss, using the case as an example.

3. Compare and contrast the business environments of Singapore and Australia, using the case to illustrate your answer.

4. It has been suggested that Qantas, like all Australian firms, must engage in Asia because "the 21st Century is the Asian Century". Discuss.

5. National culture can impact on the business. Use any theory of culture discuss potential impacts of culture on the new RedQ airline if it were to be based in Singapore.

6. One of the criticisms of Qantas' strategy to establish new prestige airline is that it will lead to job losses in Australia. Use relevant theory to discuss Qantas' corporate social responsibilities to its existing workforce,

Please provide solution for question in saparate document file. Answer four question only


The Solution file contains solution for Question 1, 3 , 4 and 6,

Words Limit: 2000

Reference no: EM131112198

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