Portfolio to address an issue relating to social inclusion
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The critical summary is the first assignment in the semester portfolio to address an issue relating to social inclusion. These serve as the basis for all future assignments (i.e., the oral presentation, business report and persuasive essay). Note: group members need to collaborate on the assigned social inclusion issue to carefully choose aspects that complement one another. The critical summary will commence the exploration of sources addressing this issue and will apprentice learners into research skills necessary in the university.

Summaries should be written using complete, full sentences and integrate academic vocabulary as necessary. Each summary should be concise (i.e. 500 words not including citation) and adequately summarise and critically evaluate the main points of the text.

To maintain the word count limits, students will have to distinguish the most significant and relevant details and organise language statically.

Critical Summary:

Main Purpose: Foregrounds the type of text and concisely summarises the text's main point


Elaborates on the main point by providing major and minor supporting information immediately crucial to an understanding of the text's main purpose

Summary of Key Finding:

Further elaborates on the main point by outlining the most salient information required to understand the Main Purpose and Background information

Significance Statement:

Evaluative comment stating the significance of the text to the research of the social inclusion issue.

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