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Problem 1: A p-type piece of silicon has a length of 0.2 μm and a cross section area of 0.05 μm x 0.05 μm sustains a voltage difference of 2V. Calculate the total current flowing through the device at room temperature if the doping level is 1017cm-3.

Problem 2: Let the VDon = 0.7 V for each diode in the circuit below. Find ID1 and Vo for R1 = 10kΩ and R2 = 5kΩ.


Problem 3: Consider the circuit below. Use an ideal diode model to sketch vout versus time if vin = 5 sin ωt V.


Problem 4: Plot the input/output (vout vs. vin) characteristic of the circuit shown in Figure PQ4. Assume a constant -voltage model, VD(on)= 0.7V is used.


Reference no: EM132523755

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The message signal x(t), in the following system has a nabdwidth of 10kHz. The center frequecy of the Narrow Band Frequency Modulated (NBFM) signal nbfm(f) is 1Mhz, the freq

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