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Problem 1: A p-type piece of silicon has a length of 0.2 μm and a cross section area of 0.05 μm x 0.05 μm sustains a voltage difference of 2V. Calculate the total current flowing through the device at room temperature if the doping level is 1017cm-3.

Problem 2: Let the VDon = 0.7 V for each diode in the circuit below. Find ID1 and Vo for R1 = 10kΩ and R2 = 5kΩ.


Problem 3: Consider the circuit below. Use an ideal diode model to sketch vout versus time if vin = 5 sin ωt V.


Problem 4: Plot the input/output (vout vs. vin) characteristic of the circuit shown in Figure PQ4. Assume a constant -voltage model, VD(on)= 0.7V is used.


Reference no: EM132523755

How to split phase waveform can be obtained from the nrz

a. Given the random binary data sequence 0110001011, provide waveform sketches for (i) NRZ change and (ii)split phase. b.Demonstrate satisfactorily that the split phase wavefo

At what rate is the top of the ladder sliding down the house

a ladder 61 ft. long is leaning against the side of a house. the base of the ladder is sliding away from the house at a rate of 6 ft/sec. At what rate is the top of the ladd

Calculate the powers p1 and p2 dissipated across r1 and r2

A battery E (e.m.f 12v and internal resistance 0.8 ohms) and a resistor R1 (10 ohms) are connected in series across two parallel resistors (R2 = 12 ohms, R3 = 18 ohms). i) D

Calculate probability that both transistors are defective

Box 1 contains 1000 transistors, of which 100 are defective, and box 2 contains 2000 transistors, of which 100 are also defective. A box is taken at random and two transisto

What is the bridge output per hour stress

A Whetstone bridge has a strain gage in the lower right leg with a 120 ohm nominal resistance. It is mounted on steel with a Modulus of Elasticity equal to 30x106. The other

Determine what is the value of e2 with three loads

Three loads (R1, R2 and R3) are connected in series to a 120-VDC source. The values of E1 and E2 are measured and found to be 32 V and 8 V, respectively. What is the value o

Explain memory storage and bit density

Memory storage and bit density, A hard disk contains four Platters. Each side of the platter is coated with a magnetic oxide, allowing data to be stored on it. The platters

Find what is the resistance between each end terminal

The adjustable contact of a linear potentiometer is set at the mechanical center of its adjustment. If the total resistance is 1000 O, what is the resistance between each end


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