Planning process irrespective of actual outcomes of process

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The old adage is "it's not the destination, but the journey that matters". With that in mind, defend the thought that the process of developing a marketing plan might be more important than the marketing plan document itself. What are the benefits of the planning process irrespective of the actual outcomes of the process?

Reference no: EM131159130

Understanding contingency path-goal theory of leadership

I need help with a 600 words summary on "Profitel Inc, on the behavioral perspective sets the stage for understanding transformational leadership. It also sets the stage for u

Shift in competitive strategy

Determine how Sportsman's human resources practices should assess existing practices to best support their shift in competitive strategy. Provide specific examples to suppor

Title- supervisory medical administrative specialist

Job Title: Supervisory Medical Administrative Specialist. DUTIES: In the Patient Access Center (PAC); the Supervisory Medical Administrative Specialist maintains responsibili

Cost leadership strategy and quick-response strategy

Of the potential strategies available to Regal Marine, have they chosen differentiation, cost leadership, or quick response? Do you think that is a good choice for a boat manu

Fares are comparable by examining ancillary charges

First, compare fares and product offerings of low-cost-carrier and a comprehensive network carrier from either the U.S. or Europe. Compare and contrast the ticket prices and p

Determining its assembly schedule

A local high-tech company is determining its assembly schedule for the next 6 months. Assembly cost per drone is $100. In addition, if drones are to be assembled, there is a s

The throughput in patients per hour of each stage in process

Marion Health Clinic sees patients on a walk?in basis only. On average, 10 patients per hour enter the clinic. All patients register at the registration window with a registra

What can you conclude about the sigma level

The caf manager wants to ensure that the coffee temperature in each cup meets established federal guidelines of 160 to 180 degrees fahrenheit. Based on the information provi


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