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You have $21,512.72 in a brokerage account, and you plan to deposit an additional $5,000 at the end of every future year until your account totals $240,000. You expect to earn 14% annually on the account. How many years will it take to reach your goal? Round your answer to two decimal places at the end of the calculations.

Reference no: EM13978931

What is the responsibility of the court

When a court interprets the meaning of a statute, what is the responsibility of the court?  to determine and carry out the intent of the legislature that enacted the statute,

Decides to operate on the basis of majority-rule

Consider a committee of Ann, Bob, and Carol that is choosing between three alternatives, {x, y, z}. Player i’s preferences are represented by the ordering i . Suppose the thre

About relationship between tr and elasticity of demand

Based on what you have learned about the relationship between TR and elasticity of demand, explain how an airline might take advantage of this information in order to maximize

Find the price at which price elasticity of demand

1. Due to the recession that lowered income, the market price of good X got lower. For good X, we assume that Qd(P) = 100 - P + Y/20, and Qs(P) = 2P - Y/20, where Y is the inc

Flexible budget for the period based on actual sales

Wadjase Corp prepared a master budget that included $17,800 for direct materials, $28,000 for direct labor, and $15,000 for variable overhead, and $38,700 for fixed overhead.

Solar thermal energy-rooftop solar water heaters

Solar Thermal Energy, rooftop solar water heaters can provide hot water during most of the year and space heating during the winter. Which tilt angle would work best for both

Compute demand elasticity using the midpoint formula

A sporting goods store has estimated the demand curve for a popular brand of running shoes as a function of price. Compute demand elasticity using the midpoint formula.

Frequently gets mixed up when explaining macroeconomics

Sandra is an inexperienced teaching assistant who frequently gets mixed up when explaining macroeconomics. When trying to deliver the following statement, Sandra draws a blank


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