Pinpoint factors associated with success in e-commerce

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Summarize the demands information technology places on the manager’s job.

Describe positive and negative consequences of information technology for the manager.

Discuss the impact of the Internet and social media sites on customer and other external relationships.

Explain the effects of the Internet on internal company operations.

Pinpoint factors associated with success in e-commerce

Explain how controlling relates to the other management functions.

Understand the different types and strategies of controls.

Describe the steps in thecontrol process.

Explain the use of non budgetary control techniques.

Have an awareness of the various types of budgets and the use of budgets and financial ratios for control.

Explain how managers and business owners manage cash flow and control costs and use non traditional measures of financial performance.

Describe how an information system contributes to control.

Specify several characteristics of effective controls.

Reference no: EM131133543

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