Physical components and logical components

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Every computer consists of physical components and logical components. The logical components of a computer that understand how to work with the physical components are referred to as: a. hardware b. records c. software d. processors 2. The operating system software is necessary for a computer to function. True or False?

Reference no: EM13220542

A financing statement is valid for a period

Change of possession of commercial collateral from the debtor to the creditor/secured party perfects the security interest. A financing statement is valid for a period of: The

Two confined aquifers are separated by an aquitard

Two confined aquifers are separated by an aquitard as shown in the diagram. The piezometric head difference between the upper and lower aquifer measured along a vertical line

Interpret the entries of matrix

Using the program MatrixPowers, compute the 100th power of the transition matrix. Interpret the entries of this matrix. Repeat this with p = .2. Why do the 100th powers appe

Global market

What are some strategies that a company like Kellogg may employ to enhance their likelihood of success in the global market?

Diagnostic-statistical manual of mental disorders

What disorders make up Axis II of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed) Test Revised? Are they considered less severe than the Axis I disorders?

Implement a simple shell c program

Implement a simple shell C program that interacts with the user in the following way. By default, the shell gives a prompt to the user. When the user types in a command (in re

Change in social values in american society

In an essay (750-1,000 words), explain how the change in social values in American society in the last 50 years or so has changed the face of education in the United States.

Circular cylindrical shell and internal pressure

Calculate the maximum allowable internal pressure pmax based upon an allowable shear stress in the wall of the shell of 60 MPa. What is the change in wall thickness at this


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