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While the journey of servant leadership starts with the heart, it then must travel to the head to the leader's belief system and perspective on leadership. Jesus' leadership view point was that leadership is first an act of service. But Jesus was also lazer focused on His mission of proclaiming the good news and bringing salvation to mankind. It was very clear what He asked His followers to do, that it would not please everyone, and that there would be persecution.

The role of servant leadership includes 2 parts exemplified by Jesus: 1) a visionary role, and 2) an implementation role. This is true of the strategic leader today.

Leading from the head involves creating a compelling vision, one that people want to follow. His mission, His vision, and His values were all critical to Jesus. So are they to the leader who is leading transformational organizational change. Jesus' values were captured in two statements: Love God and love others (Matthew 22:39-40). To lead like Jesus, we must assess if our values meet this value filter.

Look at your organizational values, how do they pan out when assessed using this value filter. Will they all align to one or the other of Jesus' values? Does this give you perspective about the importance of our organizational values? Our personal leadership values?

Reference no: EM132184911

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