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I'm a forgein student and im writing a personal statement for university application. Im not sure what should i write...i started like this :When I was little I had one big, happy family this happiness lasted until I learned that my grandmother had Alzheimer’s. It wasn’t that bad at first but as the years passed by she got much worse. She was a teacher, she was one of the most brilliant and intelligent woman I’ve seen so far but it was very hard for me to see her forget to eat, talk and forgetting my name. At the time my brother got into university, he was a genetic engineering student. He used to tell me that one day he’ll find the gene that causes that disease and he’ll make grandma better. But she passed away even before his graduation. That was then I decided to study biomedical science. Not just for her but for myself and for all the grandmothers in the world.

I was not just interested in biology but I loved it. Back in elementary school I joined genetics club where I did my first DNA isolation. The world of genes excited me. Even now we know very little about it. It waits us for to discover it, to unleash its secrets. As I did researches and watch documents my passion become a lifetime goal for me.

Reference no: EM13145640

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