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1. Mentor program - Have you had any experience having a mentor, being a mentor or building a mentor program?

2. Personal or Professional Develop Plan - Have you had an individual development plan? How was it created? Did you experience a 360 feedback tool?   If so how did it work? What were the positive aspects of this feedback and the use of the tool? What (if any) were the challenges with this tool and this feedback?

3. Coaching - What experience have you had coaching others or being coached... What worked, what did not work?

4. Who owns the development of people in organizations today... The people/employees themselves or the organization? Defend your thoughts.

Reference no: EM131035347

What are some of the global forces that affect businesses

In this week's reading, you have read about some aspects of business in the global environment and about the rewards and challenges that come with a more diverse environment

Illustrate what would be the effect on system waiting time

Illustrate what would be the effect on system waiting time of having a second ticket taker doing nothing but validations also card punching, thereby cutting the average serv

Create a powerpoint presentation of ethical implications

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your partners about the ethical implications of using personality and interest inventories to screen potential employees. How might this

Constructing business correspondence

As you read through the experience that Swartz had in constructing business correspondence in his situation with Timberland, consider three concepts from chapters 1, 2, and 3

Expectancies of two people about what constitutes performing

How might the different expectancies of two people about what constitutes performing at a high level affect those situations where these two people are put on the same team?

Describe the product or business

Describe the product or business. What need does it fulfill? Why is it a good idea to deliver this product or service over the Internet? Outline the objectives of your strateg

Hiring managers receive about discrimination

How does your HR department ensure that there is no discrimination occurring in the hiring process? What types of training do the hiring managers receive about discrimination?

Describe the different types methodologies

Describe the different types methodologies used to assess treatment effectiveness then select a diagnosis to describe and select the appropriate treatment. What empirical find


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