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Write a report of about 2000 words (+/-200 words) on the requested contents as explained below. Make sure to address every requirement. This assignment must be done individually.

You are expected to do an in-depth investigation in order to compare the performance of the following modulation schemes: QPSK, 4QAM and 8QAM. You are required to discuss the following in your report:

  1. The working principle of these modulation schemes which should include mathematical equations governing them.
  2. You need to write code in Matlab to modulate a series of incoming bits. Then you need send them through Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel and then demodulate the signal to get back the original bits. You need to check how many percentages of bits were transferred successfully through the channel. You should also vary the power of the transmitted signal to see the impact on performance.
  3. Using Matlab you need to generate bit error performance or symbol error performance figures. You must demonstrate in your report how these modulations perform with increasing power.
  4. You need to summarize the advantages and disadvantage/limitations and also similarities (if any) of these techniques in wireless communication systems. 

Accompanied with the report, a Matlab-based program, with clear explanation of the code, that models the technique, has to be included in your assignment.


A report presenting your findings about  all  the modulation techniques.

  • Your report must have an "Abstract" (of up to 150 words) on the front cover page of your report (to summarise the main points of your report), followed by a Table-of-Contents page (with clear section/subsection headings and page numbers) to show the structure of your report.
  • At the beginning of your report, anIntroductionsection should be included presenting the aim of your study and also related background (i.e., literature review and evaluation).
  • Analysis of the chosen techniquesusing Matlab should be clearly demonstrated.
  • Every page should have a footer with the page number and the total number of pages
  • Your name and student ID must be shown clearly on the top of all pages of your submitted report.
  • The Assignment Topsheet and the Assessment (Feedback) sheet must be attached to your submitted report.
  • Your report and Matlab based programmust besubmitted on a printed hardcopy to the modular office by the above deadline. You will also need to submit your report in turnitin on BREO.

Reference no: EM13939725

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