Performance of foreign multinationals and domestic companies

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Principles of Financial Management

Assignment: Course Work

Task: Performance of foreign multinationals and domestic companies in the UAE

Question: Using the framework of financial analysis, measure the performance of one foreign multinational company in the last five years and compare it with another domestic company that had been listed in Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange for about 5 years or more.

Write a report to evaluate the companies using suitable financial tools to show the main financial strengths and weaknesses of those two companies.

A group should normally include 3-4 members. You can choose students you want to work with to form one group.

You may experience difficulties in getting adequate contribution from individuals in your group, but it is expected that team members will be sympathetic towards anyone who is failing due to problems of personal nature and try to resolve any problems facing within the team. However, if there is consensus amongst the rest of the group that reasonable efforts have been made to ensure contribution and one member still does not contribute, then you can bring the case to the attention of the course coordinator, who will investigate and make final decision.

Reference no: EM132280693

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Excuses like “the person supposed to be doing that part has gone off sick” are unlikely to be accepted. You should prepare far enough in advance and have planned things well enough to allow other group members to cover omissions by individuals. As a general rule, DO NOT leave the group work until the last minute. Good luck!


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prepare project which is analysis as per the attached .. please note the following: one should be a local company in United Arab Emirates and the other one local and international. A group should normally include 3-4 members. You can choose students you want to work with to form one group. A name list, which includes name and email account of each member of your group, should be submitted to the course coordinator. If you could not find a group by then, the course coordinator will assign you into one group.

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