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E-link; a software company started its operation 10 years ago. Theybasically doing business in web based software systems. Over theperiod of time company has developed a very sophisticated system ofquality control. They not only form different layers to evaluatenewly developed software but also dedicate teams for this purpose.The team has developed a review system known as Beta EvaluationTechnique (BET). By using this system, first version reviewed andthen sends to the client. This process repeat until the clientbecomes 100 percent satisfied with quality of the software. Thiscyclic process is highly integrated with the task assigned to eachdeveloper, operation details are clearly communicated to the entireteam member and time management to achieve the target within thetime frame.


You have learned about the ‘Performance MaturityLevels’. What do you think that which level of maturity hasbeen achieved by E-link. Also mention the reasons along with thelevel of your choice.

Reference no: EM13330037

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