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Question 1: Assume that your company manufactures and distributes small household electronic items such as iron boxes, microwaves, toasters, mini-ovens, electric frying machines, etc. As of today the company has operations in Europe, North America, and Africa. It has three manufacturing plans, one each in each of the continents. The company also buys some of the components from other vendors in each of these continents. The company also sells its products through its own outlets and also through other retailers. Considering what you have learned in the course, discuss the appropriate organizational structure that would be ideal for this company. Explain your rational

Question 2: The company (in question 1) feels necessary to develop a performance appraisal, career development, and reward system for Africa and Europe. One option for the company is to use the US system in those countries. The other option is to develop a system that is unique to these regions. Given the diversity of its products, global presence, cultural differences, etc., the HR manager is wondering which approach to take. The HR manager decides to take one country from Europe and one country from Africa. Additionally, based on your knowledge of international management the HR manager wants you to:

a. Develop a cultural profile of two countries, one each from Africa and Europe;

b. The performance appraisal, career system, and reward system that would be most compatible with these two cultures.

Reference no: EM131367698

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