Perform modeling to assist with analysis and decision making
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This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the course concepts to document system requirements. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:

• Achieve successful systems design, development, and implementation by effectively applying the role of systems engineering and integrating with project management

• Effectively communicate with stakeholders to determine, manage, and document business requirements throughout the SDLC

• Perform modeling to assist with analysis and decision making

• Translate business requirements into systems by applying appropriate SDLC methodologies and incorporating industry best practices

The Deliverable

Using the Udo, Marian, & Uduak Corporation (UMUC) Case Study, develop and deliver a Requirements Document for a new billing and payment system. The document will include a high-level description of the current information system that handles some of the company's administrative and financial tasks and identify the requirements for the new system (as is/to be). It will also provide a high-level functional decomposition diagram (FDD) of the new system. And, it will include a systems requirements checklist for the new billing and payment system that includes five key parameters for output, input, process, performance, and control.

The Requirements Document must include the following:

• The paper should be 2 - 4 pages in length, plus diagrams and a checklist, responding to the bulleted items below. The diagrams and checklist are not included in the page count.

• Cover and a Works Cited page are also required. These are not included in the page count.

• The Cover page must include an appropriate title and your name.

• Use the Works Cited page to correctly cite and reference any sources you use with APA format.

• Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything.

• Submit your paper via your Assignment Folder as a Microsoft Word document with your last name included in the filename.

• "As-Is" Process

o "As-Is" refers to the current system as described in the case study that does not meet the company's administrative needs
o This should include a brief commentary describing the existing information system and its shortcomings.
o This should include a process diagram.

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