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Assignment: Discussion-RAEW Analysis

There are a variety of tools available for organizations to use to assess process. In this assignment you will learn how to apply a tool to a process situation.

RAEW is an acronym for responsibility, authority, expertise, and work. Responsibility denotes ownership, authority involves decision making, expertise involves skill or knowledge, and work is the task assigned either to a group or an individual.

Analyzing a process using the RAEW tool can help identify structural misalignments that impede strategy execution. These misalignments include the following:

  • Authority with no responsibility
  • Responsibility with no authority
  • Responsibility with no expertise

These misalignments can impede strategy execution by slowing decision-making, disempowering teams when there is responsibility without authority, or depriving processes of key skills when there is responsibility without expertise.

Research the RAEW analysis technique. Based on your research, respond to the following:

  • Select an important process in your business unit that is performing poorly and perform a simple RAEW analysis.
    • What is the process you analyzed?
    • How is it performing poorly?
    • Can you find any structural misalignments using the RAEW tool?
    • Describe the misalignment and the consequences of it.
    • How would you fix this misalignment?

Reference no: EM13817489

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