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Assume that you require a 15% return on stocks. Compute the price of a stock that will pay a $1 dividend next year and is expected to sell for $20 in a year’s time. If your “perceived risk” on a stock is lower, will your required return be higher or lower than 15%? If your perceived risk is lower, will you want to pay a higher or lower price for the stock compared to your answer on the first part?

Reference no: EM131385507

Lead to corresponding change in demand for tablets

A change in the supply of tablets(i.e Ipad, surface, kindlefire and etc) a- result from a change in consumer taste and preferences b- leads to a change in the amount of tablet

What is the shadow price in period zero

Consider the allocation of a delectable resource over two periods. There are Qbar=4 units of the stock available. The total benefits derived from using the resource are define

Same expected return and standard devieation

Suppose stocks A, B and C have the same expected return and standard devieation. The correlations of return are given as follows Corr(A,B)=0.7, Corr(B,C)=-0.3 and Corr(A,C)=0.

Market will respond to the new product

Explain how the market will respond to the new product. If demand is high, then it's worthwhile to make the extra investment for special facilities also equipment needed to

Compute its new level of national debt and its new debt-gdp

Suppose its GDP grows by 1% in the next year and the budget deficit is again $100 billion. Compute its new level of national debt and its new debt-GDP ratio.

Derive equation for follower firm best response function

Consider the following game. Firm 1, the leader, selects an output q1, after which firm 2, the follower, observes the choice of q1 and then selects its own output q2. The resu

What are the real wage-employment and output

Suppose the economy's production function is Y = A(300N – N^2). The marginal product of labor is MPN = A(300 - 2N). Suppose that A = 10. The supply of labor is NS = 0.05w + 0.

Ignoring downsizing from automating

The Baldwin's workforce complement will grow by 20% (rounded to the nearest person) next year. Ignoring downsizing from automating, what would their total recruiting cost be?


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