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1. A penetration pricing strategy is generally characterized by:

- status, uniqueness, and profit goals.

- high price elasticity, early cash recovery objectives, and high brand loyalty.

- high inventory costs, many product alternatives, and low price elasticity.

- low costs, low prices, and mass market appeal.

2. Reebok has developed a marketing strategy designed to produce inelastic cross-elasticity for their brand. What is the major reason Reebok is attempting to accomplish this?

- it wants to show the value of each brand attribute and relate it to the price of its brand.

- it wants to have more success when it puts its products on sale at season or year-end.

- it wants price to be less important to buyers than other brand attributes.

- it wants to be able to use price as a key tool to take market share away from Nike.

3. Why are channel intermediaries (i.e., members of supply chains) useful:

- they increase the number of intrachannel contacts, thus lowering costs.

- they perform special functions manufacturers cannot provide.

- they provide assortments not offered by some manufacturers.

- they sell in larger quantities than manufacturers can handle.

4. If a wholesaler were somehow eliminated from an existing distribution channel (supply chain):

- total cost of goods to consumers would decrease because costs have been eliminated.

- total cost of goods to consumers would increase because of increased demand.

- someone would have to take over the functions of the wholesaler.

- retailers who bought from the wholesaler would be forced out of business.

5. Which of these products characteristics would lengthen (increase the number of intermediaries between manufacturer and consumer) a distribution channel (supply chain):

- product exists in many inexpensive sizes (e.g., nails).

- product is complex (e.g., computers).

- product is perishable (e.g., fresh fruit).

- product requires special handling equipment (e.g., blocks of ice).

Reference no: EM132234126

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