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Including all 10 parts of the Public Relations Plan (1. executive summary, 2. communication process, 3. background, 4. situation analysis,5. message statement, 6. audiences, 7. key audience messages,8. implementation, 9. budget, and10. monitoring and evaluation), develop a PR strategy outline for a celebrity or politician or other person in the news right now.

Reference no: EM131121448

Discussion thread to get to know your classmates

Use the Introductions discussion thread to get to know your classmates. Describe a personal interest and identify one thing you would like to learn in this class. Please respo

According to the corporate valuation model

Corporate valuation Smith Technologies is expected to generate $50 million in free cash flow next year, and FCF is expected to grow at a constant rate of 3% per year indefinit

What are the most critical components of state regulation

What are the most critical components of state regulation for managed care organizations? And which federal regulations also bring specific requirements for the operation

Why a low-cost provider strategy is well-suited to industry

Walmart's low-cost position in the supermarket industry. Explain in 250 words or more how Walmart has built its low-cost advantage in the industry and why a low-cost provide

Affected the american culture

Pick three of the following items and describe how you believe each has affected the American culture: automobiles, microwaves, snowboards, computers, pocket pagers, the pill,

Potential lawsuits related to over-consumption of alcohol

What are some of the ways in which the meeting professional and the facility can protect themselves and each other from potential lawsuits related to over-consumption of alcoh

Between innovative and explicative entrepreneurship

What is the difference between innovative and explicative entrepreneurship? Identify the basic US securities laws that govern issuing an exchange of securities. What types of

From health management perspective

From health management perspective. When we talk about the United States Constitution. Would the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, be part of the c


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