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1. In 2015, Carson is claimed as a dependent on his parent's tax return. His parents' ordinary income marginal tax rate is 28 percent. Carson's parents provided most of his support. What is Carson's tax liability for the year in each of the following alternative circumstances?

a) Carson is 17 years old at year-end and earned $12,000 from his summer job and part-time job after school. This was his only source of income.

b) Carson is 23 years old at year-end. He is a full-time student and earned $12,000 from his summer internship and part-time job. He also received $5,000 of qualified dividend income.

Reference no: EM131102004

The discussion and key organizational issues.

The teacher asked us to ask more why (why this happened) and asked us to use the lecture notes which attached for you to do just add in the discussion and Key Organizational I

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