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I have a further question for you, or for anyone else who cares to answer. I once had a long discussion with a friend who was a philosophy major (something I have avoided ever since) regarding wether or not the things we do for our children are truly "selfless". He argued that because we love our children so much we actually do get positive feedback for doing things for our children. He argued that because it feels good to do things for those we love, those acts do not count as selfless. What do you think? Was he right?

Reference no: EM1350629

Central concept of critical race theory

The concept of white privilege was first proposed in 1935 and has since become a central concept of critical race theory. It relates to our consideration of out-groups becau

Problem regarding the voters in the united states

Why is the eligible number of voters in the United States who participate in elections lower than it is in Netherlands, Belgium or Italy? Will this trend continue? (250 word

Where does the behaviour occur

Joey is a seven year old boy with global developmental delays in a combination kindergarten/daycare program. His teachers have called you in because he has begun to exhibit

Contrast the constitutions of sparta and athens

Compare and contrast the constitutions of Sparta and Athens. Briefly discuss the underlying cultural and social elements that produced these constitutions. What were the short

Bronbenbrenner ecological model

How did the microsystem that you grew up in differ from your parents' or grandparents' microsystems? Do you think this is a detrimental or an affirmative change to society a

Which is the most reliable test method

High strength carbon steels (HSLA) are limited to a relatively low yield strength/hardness in subsea use, due to hydrogen embrittlement. Which is the most reliable test metho

Explain the purpose of a business plan

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that is an education tool showcasing your knowledge of the business plan process and its purpose. Explain the purp

Who endorse increased academics and decreased opportunities

Make sure that your letter also responds to those who endorse increased academics and decreased opportunities for play not only for children as young as preschool but also t


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