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President Obama has announced his intention to make Asia the focus of his future foreign policy.

Write a 2 page, APA style paper, explaining why you believe the President is correct or incorrect in focusing on Asia in his foreign policy (and why). Include the opposing position along with your rebuttal of that opposing position (and why).

For instance, if you write a paper where you state that the President is correct to focus on Asia in his foreign policy (and why), then the opposing position would be that the President is incorrect to focus on Asia in his foreign policy (and why).


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For every country they are looking different opportunities and options in order for achieving the economic growth and development. Foreign policies play an important role in determining the future development of the country. We know the fact that, most of the economist and researchers are giving importance to the foreign policy decision taken by US. As per the report of Forbes (2012) foreign policy decision taken by the US government will directly influence operations of other countries and international companies (Kaufman 2014, p.441). This time the US president spent more time for visiting Asian countries and the hidden agenda related with this official visit is to make Asia the focus of his future foreign policy.

As per the report of Business Insider (2011) the decision taken by the US president Obama will help the US to achieve its long-term goals in an effective way. In the year 2012 he visited Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand in order for understanding the various developments and progress in these countries. While analyzing different aspects and facts we can able to understand that, President is correct to focus on Asia in his foreign policy.

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