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Package Design Brief: Assume you are the packaging engineer for a large consumer products company. In this company, the Packaging Design Briefs are initiated by the marketing group and forwarded to the Package Engineering group. You currently are working on three packaging design briefs. Copies of these design briefs can be found in the Course Materials Folders. Note that the marketing department has completed some information on each brief and the Package Engineering department will complete the remaining information.

Choose one brief and, using what you have learned in the class, complete the information needed on the design brief. Please include justification of your responses when requested. You are making judgment calls based on the information that you have been given and also based on what we have learned in the class. Your responses will be graded based on your demonstration of the concepts studied in the class. Submit your completed brief as your final project. You are only required to submit one of the three briefs.

APA formatting is not required, but you should use complete sentences and correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. You should insert your responses on the brief that is included, save the brief and then submit it to your assignments folder.

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