Overcome ethnic conflicts and differences within caliphate

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How do you explain the rise of Islam to dominance over such a large region, from the 7th to 13th centuries, despite the existence of strong rival religions, supported by powerful empires? Additionally, to what extent were the Arabs, as the initial lead ethnic group within Islam, able to overcome ethnic conflicts and differences within the caliphate?

Reference no: EM131101328

Summarizes the demand-marginal revenue and relevant costs

Based on Figure 1 (which summarizes the demand, marginal revenue, and relevant costs for your product), determine your firm's optimal price, output, and the resulting profits

What was the interest rate on the loan

A broadband service company borrowed $2.4 million and repaid the loan in amounts of $200,000 in years 1 and 2 plus a lump sum amount of $3.168 million at the end of year 3. Wh

Which states could have jurisdiction in this case and state

Lenny was a resident of Maine and Milly was a resident of Arizona. Both went on vacation to Nevada. When on the golf course, Lenny drove the golf car recklessly, hit Milly, br

What is the level of saving equilibrium

Suppose we investigate a particular example of a model with no government. Suppose the consumption function is given by C=100+.8Y, whereas investment is given by I=50. What is

Creation of administrative agencies at federal-state

Beginning in the early 1900s, the federal government and Congress began the creation of administrative agencies, with the first two being the Interstate Commerce Commission (I

Does the substitution effect cause her to buy more or less

Michelle spends all her money on food and clothing. When the price of clothing decreases, she buys more clothing. Does the substitution effect cause her to buy more or less cl

What you expect to happen to number of firms

Consider a perfectly competitive market. Analyze and explain in detail using graphical tools to show what you expect to happen to number of firms and firm profitability in t

The firms have different marginal costs

Consider a model of Cournot competition as studied in class, with 2 firms and a linear inverse demand function P(Q) = a – Q (where Q = q1 + q2 is the total quantity produced b


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