Overall importance of the national labor relations board
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"Unions and OSHA"  Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, evaluate the overall importance of the National Labor Relations Board. Next, summarize the pertinent details of the case that you have selected, and give your opinion of the Board's decision and the fairness of the outcome. Support your response with specific details from the selected case.
  • From the second e-Activity, evaluate the overall importance of OSHA. Next, give your opinion of whether OSHA offers enough protection or overregulates the safety of workers. Support your response with specific details from the selected news story.
  • Go to the "Board Decisions" section of the National Labor Relations Board's Website, located at http://www.nlrb.gov/cases-decisions/board-decisions, and use the Search option to find and then review one (1) case concerning unions and / or collective bargaining. 
  • Go to the United States Department of Labor's Website, and review one (1) article from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) "Latest News" section, located athttps://www.osha.gov/.

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