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A university professor of organizational behavior has been teaching two sections of leadership course for the past 4 years. His department offers other courses that deal with organizational behavior such as motivation of employees, personality, and a general OB course. The department chair tells him what book to use for his course and gives him a syllabus to follow, however some professor are able to pick whatever book they like and design their own syllabi. This professor is not very motivated to teach anymore. Based on what you read in chapter 6 how can you create a more motivating work environment for this professor?

Reference no: EM13905556

What should be the collection of services and products

Suppose you were conducting a marketing analysis for a new textbook about technology management. What would you need to know to identify a market segment? How would you make

Leadership theory and action could be taken instead to get

John supervises five employees at a local manufacturing office and is trying to decide how to motivate them. The office is rather small and his employees work an eight hour da

Direct marketing can be attributed to several factors

The growing popularity of direct marketing can be attributed to several factors. Direct marketers make consumption convenient: Credit cards, 800 numbers, and the Internet take

Define project risk and change management

Project Risk and Change Management and Project Management Techniques Employed. This report should include a project history of your recent Trillo Apparel Company District 4 P

Determine an optimal order size

A wine company's daily demand is normally distributed with a mean of 18 bottles, and a standard deviation of 4 bottles. This company checks their winery's stock every 30 days.

The fda claims it has the right to classify new products

The FDA claims it has the right to classify new products as drugs and prevent their distribution until their safety is determined and approved for sale on the open market. D

Determine how you would apply positive discipline

If an employee is absent for two weeks but has been active on social media without contacting his supervisor. Assess the discipline steps to take in this instance. Determin

List one external force from each broad category

list one external force from each broad category of external forces. Explain in detail how each of these forces influences this industry, and propose how the business shoul


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