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There is a written Course Project,. It should be 15-20 pages in length (excluding the cover and reference pages). Your work must be double spaced with 1-in. margins and should use one of the five approved style formats (APA or MLA are preferred). You may select one topic from the list below.

You should choose a labor relations topic that is of interest to you. This could be (a) an idea that comes out of one of the class case studies, (b) something you have wanted to investigate for a long time and have not had time for, (c) a labor relations issue that is pressing at work and needs a solution, or (d) a recommendation that you want to make to your organization's labor relations professionals or to your union.

Your paper should be organized in such a way that you integrate the following elements into your work.

  • A clear thesis that consists of at least two main points
  • An introduction section with a detailed background or history of the topic
  • A literature review that incorporates research supporting your assertions on the topic
  • A recommendation section in which you will explain what you have learned and how you propose to alter or amend the situation discussed
  • A conclusion

Course Project Topics

1. The Relation of Job Satisfaction to Union Involvement

2. Managing in a Union Environment

3. Should Labor Unions Be Expanded or Restricted?

4. Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration: Present and Future

5. The Future of Unions in the United States

6. Right-to-Work Laws: Where Are They Headed in the Future?

7. Labor Unions' Influence in the Political Arena

8. Written Employment Contracts: Are They Right for a Company?

9. White-Collar Unionism in the United States in the Next Decade: An Attempt to Predict its Future Size and Shape

10. Managerial Resistance to Unionism: How Deeply Rooted, How Widespread, and How Logical Is It?

11. An Evaluation of Organized Labor's Relationship With the Black Community

12. The Influence of Bill Clinton's Presidency on Organized Labor

13. Management's Replacement Worker Strategy After the Air Traffic Controller Strike: How Potent and How Fair a Weapon?

14. The Declining Incidence of Strikes in the United States and Some Possible Explanations

15. Mediation: An Assessment of its Potential Value

16. Technological Innovation as a Cause of Strikes

17. The Role of Violence in Strike and Lockout Situations

18. Legal Issues in the Private Arbitration Process

19. Effective Use of the Grievance Procedure for Settlement of Disputes

20. Trends in the Area of Management Prerogatives

21. Quality of Work-Life Programs: Are They Nothing More Than a Fad?

22. Plant Closedowns and WARN

23. Union Mergers: Problems and Opportunities

24. History of a Particular Labor Union With Which You Are Familiar

Reference no: EM131089924

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