Optimal order size and minimum total annual inventory cost

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A store stocks beer mugs and the demand for these beer mugs is 10,200 per year. It costs $120 per order of the mugs and it costs $1.35 per mug per year to keep the mugs in stock. Once an order is placed, it takes seven days to receive the order from the distributor. Determine the following:

a. Optimal order size

b. Minimum total annual inventory cost

c. Reorder point

Reference no: EM131023151

Default risk premium on the corporate bond

A Treasury bond that matures in 9 years has a yield of 3.1%. A 9-year corporate bond has a yield of 7.28%. Assume that the liquidity premium on the corporate bond is 0.34%. Wh

About the issued bonds rate

Diesel company issued bonds with 12% coupon rate, semiannual coupon, $1,000 par value. Bonds mature in 40 years and are callable 5 years from now at $1120. Bonds are sold toda

What is toyotas net translation exposure

Toyota has exposed assets of ¥7 billion and exposed liabilities of ¥5 billion. During the year, the yen appreciates from ¥110/$ to ¥80/$. What is Toyota's net translation expo

Negotiating price and terms and ?nancing the transaction

Olivia Kane has just graduated from college and needs to buy a car to commute to work. She estimates that she can afford to pay about $450 per month for a loan or lease and ha

Example of reimbursement-related contract

The U.S. government employs a large number of contractors throughout many different departments. Unfortunately, not all contractors are scrupulous when seeking reimbursement f

Describes his eligibility to contribute to an IRA

Fred, age 36, files single. He earned $46,875 in wages and had no other income in 2014. On April 14 of 2015, he filed for an automatic six-month extension to file his tax retu

The increase in net working capital and capital spending

Ward Corp. is expected to have an EBIT of $2,400,000 next year. Depreciation, the increase in net working capital, and capital spending are expected to be $175,000, $105,000,

Present value of all the future property tax payments

Property taxes in a particular district are 4% of the purchase price every year. If you just purchased a $250,000 home, what is the present value of all the future property ta


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