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Risk Management Course project

In this project, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the risk management concepts covered in this and previous units in the course.

Select a real or imagined workplace setting that involves hazards created by two or more of the hazard sources discussed. Your assignment is to identify and assess the risks in this workplace, propose tactics for reducing the risks, and evaluate the residual risks. Your submission should include the following:

  •  A brief description of the workplace setting and an explanation of the tasks in this workplace.
  •  Identification of hazards and risks in the workplace; Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), or Fault Tree Analysis are to be used, or some combination of these techniques.
  •  Assessment of the identified risks before risk reduction efforts are applied, using a 5x5 Risk Assessment Matrix.
  •  Identification of risk reduction tactics to be applied with a brief justification for each tactic selected; multiple tactics can be applied to each risk if needed.
  •  Re-assessment of the risks after tactics are applied, using a 5X5 matrix.
  •  Discussion of the residual risks, and whether you feel they are at a tolerable level.

Reference no: EM13772262

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