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The Final Paper should demonstrate an understanding of the materials (texts, assignments, and discussions) covered in this course. 
Assume the role of Marketing Manager. Select a product (good or service) that is sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. Apply your critical thinking skills and the knowledge you have acquired throughout this course and address the following in your Final Paper: 

1.Describe the product you selected in terms of the four utilities of customer value.

2.Identify the product's target market at home and in your stated foreign market.

3.Indicate the competition of the product category in both home and foreign markets.

4.Explain how you would apply the segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) approach to market the product in the foreign market.

5.Discuss the major environmental facts and trends in the foreign markets that might affect sales of the product.

6.Explain how you would develop, execute. and measure a campaign for this product considering the four p's (product, price, promotion, and place).

7.Discuss the U.S. and international ethical marketing considerations.

Reference no: EM13910716

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