Operationally define your independent and dependent variable

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1. choose no more than two theoretical perspectives that best describe your view of developmental psychology. Describe your perspective. Explain why the perspective is the best fit for your worldview.

2. describe a current news story or event that you would like to research. Why is this story or event important to you? How would understanding the developmental psychology of the person involved in the story expand current theoretical knowledge or help solve a real world problem? How does your theoretical perspective inform your understanding of the news story or event?

3. state your hypothesis. Make sure your hypothesis is repeatable,observable,testable.and specific.

4. operationally define your independent and dependent variable.

5. design a correlational or experimental research study to investigate your research question.

6. explain any ethical concerns in your research design. What can you do to minimize or eliminate any ethical concerns?

Reference no: EM13498013

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