Operationalizing-conceptualizing and measuring variables

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Specify variables of interest. Write down your independent and dependant variables? Depending on research question, you may not be able to write all of your independent variables yet (for example, if you are doing an exploratory study, it may be more difficult for you to have clear list). If that is case, explain what you believe will be your independent variables, based on what you have read/learned so far on topic. Include what your unit of analysis is.

How are you conceptualizing, operationalizing and measuring variables? Explain dimensions, indicators and validity. Write down the possible attributes of variables? What is the measurement level of variables? At last, what type of methods do you believe is the best for research question?

Reference no: EM13102454

Self-referrals and costs of care

Do you believe patients should be able to self refer themselves without having to go to their primary care physician? Do you believe this will increase or reduce the cost of

What are your thoughts on the quote

What are your thoughts on the quote below? Do you agree or disagree that the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is said to be a virtual "bible" of crime statistics? Why or why not

Other academic medical centers approach hrm

Write a paper that answers the following questions at the end of the case:Do you think the scenario in this case is unique to University Hospital, or do other academic medical

Relationship between discounting and compounding interest

1. What is the relationship between discounting and compounding interest? 2. What is the relationship between the present-value factor and the annuity present-value factor?

Reconstruct the arguments in given passages

General Instructions: Reconstruct the arguments contained in the passages below, following the argument reconstruction rules on pg. 65 of your textbook. This assignment is m

Definition of the policy of containment

The policy of containment during the Cold War. Definition of the policy of containment, as well as the execution of containment policy during the cold war era need to be discu

Describe some of the myths and realities of puberty

The onset of puberty marks a significant change in a person's life biologically, psychologically, and socially. There are some myths regarding puberty that may skew its realit

Concept of a project network

To develop a schedule for a project, we will use the concept of a project network, which shows work activities taken from the work breakdown structure and organized according


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