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One of the recent topics to enhance or retain existing workers as well as improve workforce/workplace environment, is that of companies building and implementing a work life incentive program into their culture. I think that this type of environment allows employees the comfort of knowing that if they need a break from work, they can have the leisure of working from home or taking some time off (comp time), that will allow them to take care of personal issues, family issues or just a day away from the office to be refreshed and work at home.

This can do wonders in retaining existing workers and improve the workforce by providing the motivation, spark and excitement to come into work.

Another example that might retain workers is to offer a bonus incentive for those that do not miss any days within a set amount of time; for example; six months or one year. This will not only give them a bonus but looks good on their annual performance evaluation for promotion potential.  

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HSM 541 As a healthcare manager, what strategies would you employ to retain workers in your facility included in your classmates’ posts that you had not thought of? Also keep in mind that healthcare facilities work on a tight budget- so strategies which will cost money ......where will that money come from?

Reference no: EM131225667

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