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1. One example of a customer loyalty program is

a "frequent diner" card at a restaurant, offering a free appetizer for every $100 in food purchases.

a quantity discount offered for large purchases at an office supply store. seasonal sales on top-selling items.

an "everyday low price" policy on all products at a grocery store.

an extensive customer-service training program for new employees at a hair salon.

2. When marketers combine multiple communication disciplines—advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and online marketing—to communicate a value proposition to the customer, it is referred to as

integrated marketing communications.

multimedia marketing.

diverse marketing communications.

comprehensive promotion.

managed marketing communications.

3. When developing a social media campaign, what is unique about the copy and images to be used that is more critical with social media than other forms of IMC?

They need to be humorous.

They need to be updated almost constantly.

They need to feature only young actors.

They must appear only in color (not black and white).

They must appeal to a diverse, multicultural audience.

Reference no: EM132184116

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