Of the different types of agencies and the different roles

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Of the different types of agencies and the different roles within those agencies which do you feel you would be most suited for? Why?

Agencies are essentially marketing machines. From initial research to the final airing of a perfectly planned television spot an agency can oversee the entire process or specialize in just one portion. What part (or all) of the process do you feel most suited to handle. Are you a planner or someone with an eye for finishing touches?

Finally, assuming you've found your ideal role at an agency. Who is your ideal client? What product or service do you either feel passionate about or feel you would have a knack for marketing? Why? What would the first thing you would do and your client's go-to agency?

Reference no: EM131032093

Wholesalers as channel members or sell directly to retailers

Janet Hains is an entrepreneur and former afterschool programmer administrator. She has been monitoring the education industry for potential trends that may provide an opportu

Observation of variation of position

Christakis' talk at 11:43 of the video and base your response on Christakis' observation of ‘variation of position' of individuals in a network when you aim to influence the

Compensation to the overall performance of organization

How can your employer tie your pay/compensation to the overall performance of the organization so that you too feel that the organization at some level relies on you to do the

Difference between an aggregate and a straight deductible

The basic parts of an insurance contract are often summarized with the acronym ______________________. Please briefly discuss four of the five parts of a standard insurance po

More effective differentiation or low-cost strategy

What is the difference between having a best-cost strategy (a/k/a integrated low-cost and differentiation) and being stuck in the middle (achieving neither low-cost or differe

Forecasting accuracy

Forecasting Accuracy. How accurate should a forecast be? How much should a company pay to obtain accuracy? How should a company justify additional costs (investment and operat

What potential ethics are involved in that situation

You need to hire contractors for the electrical work. You also know that getting the permits is going to be very difficult and my delay your project. You have a friend in the

Nominal group technique-group member never meet face to face

Most organizational decisions are made under conditions of complete uncertainty. In the Nominal Group Technique, group members never meet face to face. A decision that is rout


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