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Problem: A 101 kilograms horizontal platform is a uniform disk of radius 1.99 meter and can rotate about the vertical axis through its center. A 67.3 kilogram person stands on the platform at a distance of 1.11 meter from the center and a 28.3 kilogram dog sits on the platform near the person, 1.31 meter from the center.

Part A. Obtain the moment of inertia of this system, consisting of the platform and its population, with respect to the axis.

Reference no: EM13686371

What is the number density of the protons in the beam

An accelerator produces a beam of protons with a circular cross section that is 2.0 mm in diameter and has a current of1.1 mA. What is the number density of the protons in the

Calculate magnitude of the force r supported by pin

The simple 2 kg pendulum is released from rest in the horizontal position. As it reaches the bottom (vertical) position the cord wraps around the smooth fixed pin at A and c

Determine the coordinate system

Suppose you throw a rock from an initial height h0 at a speed v0 and angle ? from the horizontal. Neglect drag or friction, Determine the coordinate system and draw a diagram

Find the corresponding velocity of the collar relative

6-lb collar C is attached to a spring and can slide on rod AB, which in turn can rotate in a horizontal plane. The mass moment of inertia of rod AB with respect to end A is

What is the divers angular velocity

A 50kg diver in a full layout position, with a total body radius of gyration with respect the her transverse principal axis equal to 0.45m, What is the diver's angular veloci

Find the magnitude and direction of the force vector

A 307-kg boat is sailing 13.8° north of east at a speed of 2.16 m/s. Thirty seconds later; it is sailing 32.4° north of east at a speed of 3.76 m/s. Find the magnitude and

What is the coefficient of kinetic friction and normal force

A box with a mass of 1.0 kg is moving to the right. Its initialspeed is 2 m/s. After traveling 3 m, its speed is 4 m/s. Inadditional to the usual forces (gravity, normal, fr

Assume two waves of light in air of wavelength

Assume two waves of light in air, of wavelength 681nm, are initially in phase. One travels through a glass layer ofindex of refraction n1 = 1.46 and thicknessL. The other tra


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