Number macroeconomic variables decline during recessions

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A number macroeconomic variables decline during recessions. One of these variables is the GDP.

a) What other variables, besides real GDP, tend to decline during recessions? Given the definition of real GDP and its components, explain the declines in these economic variables which are to be expected.

b) Empirical studies indicate that the long-run trend in real GDP of the USA has an upward trend. How is this possible given business cycles and macroeconomic fluctuations? What factors explain the upward trend in spite of the cycles?

Reference no: EM13740988

Determine number of lamps this firm would produce in order

indicate for each price whether the firm will produce, shut down, or be indifferent between the two in the short run, and whether it will make a profit, suffer a loss, or br

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What would you expect to happen to the domestic money supply as R and y both increase along a stable BB curve? Explain in intuitive terms what forces would tend to bring about

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Consider a monoply that faces a market deman function D(p)=100-p, where p is the price that the monoply changes and q is the quantity. The monopoly has MC=q. Suppose the monop

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If the Bank of Canada sells $100 million worth of bonds to the public in an open market operation, what is the change in quantity of money that will eventually result? Assume

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Draw a graph of the market for chewing gum. What are the equilibrium price and quantity? Mark the equilibrium price and quantity in the graph.

Spent for the brake-minimum attractive rate of return

A machine that produces a certain piece must be turned off by the operator after each piece is completed. The machine "coasts" for 15 seconds after it is turned off, thus prev

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The production function of a restaurant includes items such as labor (i.e., cooks, waiters, a manager), capital (i.e., ovens, counters, tables, chairs, and a building), and la

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An old wooden bridge over a bay is in danger of collapse. The highway department is considering two alternatives to alleviate the situation and provide for expected increases


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