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A cell undergoing meiosis produces a daughter cell, during which one nondisjunction event occurs. If the number of chromosomes in a normal diploid cell of this organism (not undergoing cell division) is 38, how many chromosomes are present in this daughter cell?

a. 19

b. 20

c. 36

d. 37

e. 39

Reference no: EM131324439

Homotypic fusion of yeast vacuolar vesicles

In the assay for the homotypic fusion of yeast vacuolar vesicles it was necessary to incubate the vesicles from two strains with NSF and ATP before they were mixed together.

How various strands of dna are radio-labeled

Two strands of a DNA molecule are radio-labeled such that each strand can be uniquely identified. After three bouts of replication, how many new molecules of DNA are formed?

What is the frequency of individuals with aa genotype

In a Hardy-Weinberg population with two alleles, A and a, that are in equilibrium, the frequency of allele a is 0.1. What is the frequency of individuals with AA genotype? A

New population of stem cells in lung epithelium

You are studying a a new population of stem cells you have found in lung epithelium. You find there is one novel trascription factor and one novel signaling molecule.

Dna polymerase in prokaryotes and eukaryotes

1. Explain the function of all molecules involved in DNA replication. 2. Explain the details of DNA polymerase structure and associated functions. 3. What are the different ty

Why are anticholinergic agents avoided

A 26-year-old business executive complained of a dull pain (heartburn) behind the sternum. The pain was postprandial (occurred after meals) and disappeared within a few minu

Cardiovascular system anatomy

The ______ avoids backflow of blood from right ventricle into right atrium. The ______ valve avoids the backflow of blood from aorta into left ventricle. The ______ valve av

Why membrane filter technique useful for sanitarian in filed

IgM is the first antibody at initially has higher rate during the primary antibody response, why is membrane filter technique useful for a sanitarian working in the filed?


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