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While sitting in the break room at work one day, Stan is talking with his friend Joe, who is excitedly describing an idea for a new intrusion detection system (IDS). Joe describes an elegant new algorithm that will flawlessly detect intrusion attacks and respond almost instantly. Stan, who is more of an entrepreneur than inventor, quickly grasps the essence of Joes idea, and decides to incorporate the idea into a commercial product, without the knowledge or participation of Joe. In his scheme to commercialize Joe%u2019s idea, Stan plans to hire a programmer to implement Joes algorithm, and use the software to control a novel new hardware component. Stan would like to protect the intellectual property of the algorithm, software, and hardware component, but is experiencing some guilt pangs. Discuss the legal and ethical issues of this situation. (Length should be no more than 1.5 pages)

Reference no: EM13283295

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