Islamic Calligraphy
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Throughout the vast geography of the Islamic world, Islamic calligraphy is a symbol representing unity, beauty, and power. The aesthetic principles of Islamic calligraphy are a reflection of the cultural values of the Muslim world.   In Islamic and Arabic cultures, calligraphy became highly respected as an art -- the art of writing.

In the Essay it contains:

1.      An introduction to Islamic Calligraphy

2.      Elements include in Islamic Calligraphy

3.      History of Islamic Calligraphy

4.      Importance of written words in Islam

5.      Types of Islamic Calligraphy

  • Arabesque
  • Kufic
  • Naskh
  • Arabic
  • Maghrebi
  • Thuluth
  • Ria'a
  • Diwani
  • Ta'liq or Nasta'liq

6.      Characteristics of all categories

7.      Importance of all categories

8.      Summary

9.      References

Most letters have an initial form, middle form, ending form, and stand alone form. Many of the forms bond to the previous letter and attach to the following letter. However, there are 6 letters which are non connectors means that they do not connect to the letter that follows. These 6 letters are alef , daal, thaal , zey, rey , &  waw.  The short vowels are indicated by accent markings, which are hardly used in daily writing. The letters ayn , ghayn, and  kheh  in particular are unusual. Arabic language have gender; an object may either be masculine or be feminine.

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