Neurotransmitter can be both excitatory and inhibitory

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Explain how a neurotransmitter can be both excitatory and inhibitory. Use a specific example in your discussion.

Reference no: EM132280267

Suspected of being suffering from typhoid fever

A patient has been diagnosed in neurology ward as suffering from gullianbarre disease. On history he told that he had episodes of dysentery in past. Which one of the following

Generation of force-tension in skeletal muscle

How does a nerve impulse stimulate generation of force/tension in skeletal muscle? (Include in your answer what chemical helps transfer the signal from nerve to muscle,what

Transforming a clinician into an investigator

Part 1. Google "Transforming a Clinician Into an Investigator". Click on the top hit. Watch the FDA panel discussion (maybe slow to load, and you may have to cr

Identify two functions for each type of macromolecule

Consider the monomers or subunits that compose protein, carbohydrate, lipid, and nucleic acid? Are all of the subunits just repeating units or are their differences in the s

Genetics - offsprings will be heterozygous

Suppose that H,I,J,K, and L represent alleles for the autosomal gene on different chromosomes. if a mating occurs between the individuals with the given genotypes: HHIiJjKKLI

Use phosphate-buffered solutions in experiments

1. Biologists frequently use phosphate-buffered solutions in experiments.  You need to prepare a sodium phosphate solution at pH 6.7 by mixing NaH2PO4 and Na2HPO4 (pKa =7.2).

In the disease mononucleosis the spleen enlarges

In the disease mononucleosis the spleen enlarges because of increased numbers of cells-both phagocytic and others.  Common symptoms of this disease include pale complexion, a

Find the genotypes of the described male and female

Think about a cross between a male who has vitamin D resistant rickets and a female who has fully functional PHEX protein and does not express vitamin D resistant rickets.


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