Negative situations in organization affect leadership skills

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1. which of the following is the best format when rejecting a job application?

A. soften the sting of rejection by offering to reconsider the application at some point in the future

B. use an indirect format that implies future consideration

C. provide detailed explanation about the qualification of the person who was hired

D. avoid sharing any explanations for the company’s decision

2. which of the following is not a function of the performance review process?

A. documenting evidence of performance

B. clarifying job requirements

C. announcing salary increase for the coming year

D. establishing a plan of action to ensure continued performance

3. when announcing negative organizational news, how should the writer determine the correct format of the message?

A. the organization should determine which format best matches the specific situation

B. the organization should use a plan that is fair and consistent

C. the organization should determine what information can be safety kept from public consumption

D. the organization should develop boilerplate message for a variety of scenarios then choose the most appropriate

4. how can negative situations in an organization affect leadership skills?

A. Leader can provide staff the opportunity to practice communication skills

B. leader can use negative situation to identify encouraging and level headed employees for future leadership position

C. leader can use negative situation to reshape or reinvigorate the organization

D. leader can use negative situation to reinvigorate with suppliers and vendors.

Reference no: EM131125205

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