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Summit Credit Union, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a small company with 366 employees. A merger in 2008 doubled the size of the company and made it necessary to build a new corporate culture. Summit’s mission is to improve credit members’ financial lives to help them achieve their dreams. Summit has invested in creating a word-class learning function, which includes a team of seven professionals who are able to design and deliver instructor-led raining as well as e-learning. Summit has shifted away from generic off-the-shelf training to develop online and face-to-face programs customized to employee needs and the company’s goals and initiatives. For example, the learning function is expected to play a key role in dealing with business issues such as efficiency, loan growth, and increased sales. All learning staff members are expected to contribute to nee company initiatives, such as new products and services, systems, or regulations. Summit has recently identified a problem with its new lenders. They were starting to perform their jobs without the necessary skills, information, and knowledge that they needed. One potential reason for this is how the lending training curriculum is organized. New lenders attend a course on different types of loans and the lending system; start their jobs, and then later return for a course on lending guidelines, underwriting, and sales skills. A. How would you conduct a needs assessment to determine if new lenders are starting their jobs without the necessary knowledge and skills to perform well, and if the organization of the training curriculum (or another training issue) is responsible for this problem? B. Who would be involved in the needs assessment? Please make this paragraph form if no less then 4 paragraphs.

Reference no: EM132184624

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