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For multiple-choice questions, select all answers that are correct. Answer each item by giving the number of your choice(s). For example, if (1) and (3) are both correct for item (a), write "(a) (1) and (3)" as your answer. No account will be taken of any explanations you offer. Full marks on each item can only be obtained by providing all correct choices and no incorrect ones.

 a.       Which of the following are types of e-commerce?

1.      B2B

2.      B2C

3.      G2C

4.      G2B

b.      Which of the following are commercial websites?

1.      Search portals

2.      Press releases

3.      Product specifications

4.      Customer service

c.       Which of the following are examples of disintermediation?

1.      A vitamin manufacturer sells vitamins online directly to the consumer.

2.      A clothing manufacturer sells clothes to retailers.

3.      An airline provides a website for travel agents to view seat availability for flights and sell tickets to clients.

4.      A home owner lists his house for sale online, without the use of a realtor.

d.      Which of the following web browsers provide some type of Platform for Privacy (P3P) support?

1.      Crazy Browser

2.      Netscape Navigator 7.2

3.      Opera

4.      Mozilla Firefox

e.       Web sites can log which of the following data from each site visitor?

1.      The date the user visited the site

2.      The time (HHMMSS) the user visited the site

3.      The make and model of the PC the user is using

4.      The browser the user is using


The assignment in Computer Science or Information Technology is about multiple choice questions, particularly in e-commerce. Questions such as types of e-commerce websites, commercial websites, disintermediation, Platform for Piracy, the data that can be logged from visitors of a website, etc. All these questions with multiple choice answers have been answered.

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