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In April 2000, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.8%. By June 2001, the unemployment rate has increased to 4.5% yet the measures by the fedreal reserve tlo reduce short-term interest rates were taken in stages, and in fact the unemployment rate continued to rise. What might have motivated the policymakers' cautious behaviour?

Reference no: EM131196966

Great recession-different fiscal and monetary policies

As discussed in the course, the U.S. Economy passed through what has now come to be known as 'The Great Recession'. The government and the Federal Reserve responded with diffe

Appropriate graphs optimal pricing of public transportation

Show using appropriate graphs the optimal pricing of public transportation. In particular, show what the optimal pricing would be under a) no traffic congestion b) some traffi

Marginal abatement costs

Initially, two steel firms are each releasing 100 units of pollution, for a total of 200 units. The government wants to reduce emissions by 40%. The steel firms have the follo

More energy-efficient and environmental-friendly equipment

A manufacturing plant is planning to replace outdated equipment with more energy-efficient and environmental-friendly equipment. Two models are under consideration. Model A is

Federal excise taxes on gasoline vary widely across

Federal excise taxes on gasoline vary widely across the developed world. The United States has the lowest taxes at USD $0.40 per gallon (or £0.07 per liter); Canada has taxes

What is the distinguishing feature of an oligopoly

Demonstrate/discuss your theoretical understanding of the characteristics of monopoly and oligopoly, also apply your understanding to provide examples of each of these two mar

Values in the decision-making process

What is the differencebetween the output level where the total profit is maximized and the outputlevel where the total revenue (TR) is maximized? What is the significance of

Illustrate what is macroeconomics

Illustrate what is macroeconomics. What role does macroeconomics play in your personal financial decisions and the decisions that your organization makes.


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