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What are the most important metrics for operations managers? How does each metric support the overall financial performance of the organization? What data would be used to support this metric and how would you ensure that the data are of sufficient quality? How does data analytics support your metrics?

Reference no: EM13993444

What particular elements of each organizations culture

Research the innovation architecture of at least three companies that are well-known for successfully supporting a culture of innovation. What particular elements of each orga

Discuss some of the characteristic of the charismatic leader

Discuss some of the characteristic of the charismatic leader and components of the charismatic leadership process. What are the different dimensions of transformational leader

Mergers-acquisitions posed major challenges to organizations

Mergers and acquisitions posed major challenges to organizations today. Within an area of your interest, provide 3 specific examples of challenges face by organization involve

What is the forecast value

Actual demands for the last four months are as follows. Month Demand March 6 April 8 May 10 June 8 what is the forecast value (model generated value) for May and June using ex

Company is reducing the workforce

Your company is reducing the workforce, and you must dismiss one of your engineers. you have narrowed your choices to T,J., an older employee who has been coasting for years,

Strategic issues and problem warrant front burner attention

Why is it important to understand the 5 sources of revenue as part of the internal analysis? Lastly, as a business leader, you will have to determine what strategic issues and

Conduct an internal strategic management audit

Explain how you would conduct an internal strategic management audit and competitive strength assessment. As a business leader, explain how you would organize a strategic inte

Four tests of a resources compeititve power

Using your firm (or a firm that you familiar with), select a significant company resource (such as engineering capability, or supply chain, or customer service) and apply the


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